Can Attitude Change Your Reality?

by Michael Beck

I've observed that negative people often adopt a defeatist mindset, taking on the role of a victim, while positive people often adopt a solution-oriented mindset and set about creating their own opportunities. Consequently, I've come to understand that having a positive attitude indeed makes a significant difference not only in a person's level of success, but also in their enjoyment of their life. It even determines whether they succeed at all.


People who are negative view themselves as "realistic". (Wait a minute... isn't "reality" a matter of perspective?) So the challenge is to determine whether you're a "negative" person.

Here are some guidelines:
* If you feel that your course in life and business is determined by others, then you need to adjust your attitude so you can shift your reality.
* If you feel that the cards are often stacked against you, then you need to adjust your attitude so you can change your reality.
* If you feel that your company, manager, agents, and/or clients don't support you, then you need to adjust your attitude so you can change your reality.

We each have the ability and power to literally change our reality.

How does one turn a negative attitude into a positive one? The same way someone with a positive attitude maintains it. You need to eliminate the negative inputs, influences, and factors in your life and introduce positive ones. We're bombarded with messages throughout the day and night. Some of them are good and some of them are just plain bad for you. We get "messages" from family, friends, coworkers, radio, newspaper, TV, music, the internet, billboards, books, magazines, and any number of other sources. If YOU don't decide what goes into your head, then someone else will. You need to take control of what you feed your mind.

Here are some tips on how to adjust and maintain your attitude:

Eliminate the Negatives
* Stop reading the newspaper
* Stop watching TV news
* Stop seeking the negative on the internet
* Stop hanging around negative people

Introduce Positives
* Start hanging around positive people
* Start reading motivational or inspirational books - biographies, personal growth, success
principles, etc.
* Start listening to CD's - motivational, personal growth, uplifting music, etc.

Does attitude really count? Can attitude really change your reality? I guess it all depends on your perspective...

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About Michael Beck

Michael Beck, the nation's leading expert on recruiting independent sales representatives, is an executive coach, trainer and professional speaker. He works with executives, managers and sales professionals to improve their recruiting, production, productivity, communication, and leadership competencies. His clients achieve their business and personal goals faster and easier.

Mr. Beck's credentials include an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of Business along with degrees in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He has held a variety of executive positions including CEO, COO, CFO, EVP, VP of Finance, and VP of Business Development. His industry experience includes insurance, legal, international development, commercial construction, corporate finance, and the restaurant business! In addition, he worked several years overseas as a Business Advisor to a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Beck is a Founding Member of the International Association of Coaches and a Past-President of the Denver Coach Federation.

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