Write It Down!

by Jill Koenig

There is great power in writing your goals on paper. Here is a real life story about one man who put his pen to paper at the most trying times in his life. His written words got him through the tough times and laid the groundwork for a phenomenal future.

In 1992, inspired after hearing Oprah Winfrey say to write things down, a young man wrote a series of letters to himself in an effort to find catharses for his own childhood pain. You see, as a boy his father was verbally and physically abusive towards him. The boy found refuge in his writing, which infuriated his father. His father even tried to beat that joy out of him.

When this young man was in his 20's, a friend read his writing and thought it was incredible and encouraged him to do somthing with it. His first play was titled "I Know I've Been Changed." At first the play bombed and the young man even became homeless for a time. However, he persisted and the next play he presented sold out and was a huge success! The man's name is Tyler Perry and he is now a very successful playwright, director, producer and actor. He has written and starred in 10 major screenplays and several movies. His works break box office records all over America and his plays have grossed more than $100 million and counting. Seven years ago he was homeless. He is now a multi-millionaire at only 35 years old.

Here is what Tyler Perry says about writing through his challenges:

"I had all of this negativity coming at me, and I learned that a positive word is MUCH more powerful than a negative word."

Tyler Perry went from abused youth to homeless to multimillionaire because he had the determination to follow through and write his own future.

Write YOUR own future. Your written goals become your blueprint for your life. Become the author of your own story, creator of your destiny.

Write your goals on paper. Let your written words speak to the possibility of what your life can be when you believe.

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Jill Koenig is America's top Goal Strategist. A Best Selling Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker, she is an expert on the subject of Goal Achievement, Time Management, Leadership, Personal Fulfillment and Business Success. Get your FREE Goal Setting CD at http://www.Goalguru.com

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