Your Perfect Day

by Anthony Michalski

One of the best ways to approach goal setting that I ever heard was from a speaker named Fred Gleeck. He is a speaker who holds seminars about sundry topics from how to be a professional speaker to marketing different products. In addition to that, he is a pretty cool guy. If you get a chance to attend one of his seminars, I highly recommend it.

When he begins his seminars, he talks a little about goal setting. He has a unique way of approaching it that I will outline here.

Basically, he says to plan your ideal day or how you would like to live every day. Many people don't like their average day and instead live for the weekend or those days when they can 'do what they want.' That isn't much of a life, is it? Our goal should be to have every day be a good day - a day to which we look forward. It all begins by defining what that day would look like.

Now, we have to begin by being completely honest about it. Let's face it, many right now would say that they want nothing more than to relax by the pool and do a bunch of nothing. In reality, though, that would not last too long. Why? We would get bored! Look at how many retirees go completely nuts because they have nothing to do!

So, define what you love to do. List those things that you absolutely love and would like to do every day. Maybe you'd like to awaken at eight or nine and relax with a cup of coffee or tea whilst reading the paper or listening to the news. Afterwards, you work - either you go to a job that you enjoy or you have a business. Perhaps you'd like to workout or go to the gym; maybe even take a sauna or steam. Do you want to prepare dinner at home? Go out to eat? What do you want to do in the evening? Get all this written on paper. Think about it and PLAN it!

You see, as you hone what you want and what you are passionate about, you will attract that more and more. You will be able to actualize it into your life.

Remember, the more clearly you see your goals and what you want, the quicker and easier will they materialize into your life. So, begin by planning your perfect day.

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