Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy, author, empowerment coach, transformational speaker and Internet 'guru' marketer. Michael is the author of 'Powerful Attitudes. Dr. Harold H. Bloomfield, NY Times best selling author, says, 'Powerful Attitudes is a treasure trove of true success strategies. Beyond a self help book, Powerful Attitudes brings about total transformation in it readers.' Dr. Alicia Ghiragossian, world renown poet and Nobel Prize candidate says, 'As you read Michael's book, you will sense a dynamic shift in your brain chemistry. Michael Murphy, through this book, becomes your life coach and best friend.'

Michael is also the creator/author of the only completely personalized, self empowerment book for adults, on the planet, PowerFirmations. Michael is honored to have several celebrities, best selling author's and success experts as his clients. His personalized PowerFirmations book is owned by 5 teachers of the world famous 'The Secret' DVD and book.

Michael is an inspirational, spiritual, motivational, personal empowerment speaker. He has given over 2,000 presentations in 9 countries around the world. He also hosts his own, 'Power Points for Successful Living' through radio syndications.



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