Healing, Meaning and Purpose (MP3 )
The Magical Power of the Emerging Laws of Life

Author: Richard G. Petty

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Product Description

The next Big Breakthrough in health and human performance has already happened!

"Healing, Meaning and Purpose" by Dr. Richard G. Petty, is a new kind of program on three of the most important topics of our time. With a unique blend of scientific rigor, experience and profound insights, Dr. Petty takes us on a groundbreaking journey beyond the realms of current medical thought into a world of almost limitless possibility. He is unique in having trained in several fields of conventional and unorthodox medicine, taught at major universities, and for many years served the Research Council for Complementary Medicine and Prince Charles' Foundation for Integrated Medicine. What he teaches is the fruit of 35 years of experience, together with an analysis of many thousands of books and research papers, and detailed discussions with some of the foremost thinkers, intuitives and spiritual leaders of our time.

"Healing, Meaning and Purpose" is a major achievement, which builds on the pioneering of Nobel Prize winning scientists, and such visionaries as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil. The program presents a powerful and practical roadmap toward finding more meaning in your life, how to uncover your true Purpose and how to feel a deeper relationship with everyone and everything around you, and how to have a more profound connection with your own spirituality.

At its core, "Healing, Meaning and Purpose" proposes something quite astonishing, and it is that the Laws of Healing have been gradually changing, as the human race is changing. Dr. Petty provides new answers to questions about life, about health and about our capacity to change and to evolve. He shows us that the real secret to maintaining health and wellness lies not in a new diet or a new breathing exercise, but in understanding how to combine approaches which benefit not just the body, but also the mind, our relationships, the subtle energy systems of the body and our spirituality.

Here is some of what you will learn in this amazing new program:

* How science is driving a new vision of reality
* That you are a Healer: how to find and refine your own personal gift
* About the most powerful force in the human body: how you can find and mobilize it
* How understanding the Emerging Laws of Life can help your health, your business life and our society
* How transcending false dichotomies will allow you to find the dynamic dance of dualities in your own life
* How to find your True Purpose in life, and applying both clarity and purity of Purpose in everything which you do
* How to identify and overcome the twelve Ego-fears
* How to use the techniques of Questioning, Liberating and Thought Field Therapy in your life
* How to reconstruct all your relationships into a model of partnership rather than domination
* How to apply this whole new approach to weight management

Listening to "Healing, Meaning and Purpose" and drinking in its profound wisdom can be a life-changing process.

Here's a session-by-session breakdown of the entire program:

Session One: Setting the Scene
Track 1 - A New Vision of Reality
Track 2 - The Reluctant Psychic and the Library Angel
Track 3 - You Are a Healer
Track 4 - The Five Domains of Life
Track 5 - Wisdom, the Integration of Understanding

Session Two: Straws in the Wind
Track 1 - The Force
Track 2 - Some Words about Qi
Track 3 - Robert's Recovery: Repairing a Ravaged Brain
Track 4 - The Wellness Approach
Track 5 - Redefining Today's Medical Model
Track 6 - The Case for Connection

Session Three: Our Changing Planet, Our Evolving People
Track 1 - The Last One Hundred Years: The Biggest Shift in History?
Track 2 - New Natural Laws
Track 3 - The Case of the Mice and the Maram Grass
Track 4 - Black Grasshoppers, Pepper Moths and Herring Gulls
Track 5 - The Dancing Genes
Track 6 - Evolution in Human Health and Disease

Session Four: The Changing Laws of Health and Healing
Track 1 - Redefining Toxins
Track 2 - Mankind's Metamorphosis
Track 3 - Spiral Dynamics
Track 4 - Memes
Track 5 - The Eight-Stage Spiral of Development
Track 6 - Placing Yourself on the Spiral

Session Five: Beyond Clockwork
Track 1 - The Limitations of Mechanical Models of the Body
Track 2 - Star Wars and T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Track 3 - A Visit to Vulcan
Track 4 - Nature, Health, Business and Society
Track 5 - The Biofield
Track 6 - Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance: A New Science of Life

Session Six: Hidden Harbingers of Health
Track 1 - Our Subtle Form
Track 2 - The Strange Case of the Missing Chakras
Track 3 - Spiritual Teachings and Spiritual Practice
Track 4 - Dualities
Track 5 - Storytelling and Meaning
Track 6 - Diseases of Meaning
Track 7 - Writing and Re-writing Your Own Story

Session Seven: Expanding Concepts of Health and Disease
Track 1 - Meaning and Purpose
Track 2 - A Horse Called Aidan
Track 3 - Questions, Questions
Track 4 - Medicine: Alternative, Complementary, Integrated and Integral
Track 5 - Integrated Medicine
Track 6 - Combining Treatments and The Pyramid

Session Eight: Recruiting Your Allies
Track 1 - The Power of the Will
Track 2 - Energy Management as the Key to Healthy Living
Track 3 - The Positive Power of Stress
Track 4 - How Many Senses Do You Have?
Track 5 - The Mind: Subconscious, Unconscious and Overself
Track 6 - Multiple Intelligences
Track 7 - Your Integration Journal

Session Nine: Creative Self-Integration
Track 1 - A Tool and a Journey
Track 2 - Beyond a Cookbook to a Philosophy of Life
Track 3 - The IPCRESS System
Track 4 - Clarity of Purpose
Track 5 - Developing Your Intuition
Track 6 - Rooting Out Resistance to Change

Session Ten: Mind Control
Track 1 - The Evolutionary Basis of Behavior
Track 2 - Ego-Fears
Track 3 - Liberating
Track 4 - To Affirm or Not to Affirm: That is the Question
Track 5 - Thought Field Therapy
Track 6 - Finding and Giving Yourself Rewards

Session Eleven: Dynamic Relationships: The Missing Key to Wellness
Track 1 - Of Holons and Quadrants
Track 2 - The Status Syndrome
Track 3 - Relationships
Track 4 - The Chalice and the Blade
Track 5 - Reward, Reward Deficiency and Salience Disruption Syndrome

Session Twelve: Creating Your Own Golden Symphony
Track 1 - The Steps of Creative Self-Integration: The Example of Managing Weight Problems
Track 2 - The New Causes of Obesity
Track 3 - Programming Your Mind
Track 4 - Detoxification
Track 5 - The Composition of Your Diet
Track 6 - Don't Eat, Dine
Track 7 - Flower Essences
Track 8 - Applying Thought Field Therapy

Bonus Audio Tracks
Track 1 - Golden Breath
Track 2 - Walking
Track 3 - Qi Gong

Bonus PDF Files
1 - Program Diagrams
2 - Evaluation & Questions
3 - Resources

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