The Zapper (MP3 )
Theta Waves And A Pulse To Induce A Deep Altered State of Consciousness

Author: Dick Sutphen

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Product Description

The Zapper "knocked out" over 500 professional hypnotists at the American Board of Hypnotherapy convention. They couldn't believe how effective it was. "My eyes started to REM about 10 seconds after you put it on," said one hypnotist. (Eye-REM indicates deep trance.)


The Zapper is the latest in a new field of "Mind Electronics."

Vibrational theta waves are combined with a delta-rhythm pulse to generate a hypnogogic state of mind in which you are open to receive subjective images and inspiration. In this semi-sleep state, dream-like images and awareness-expanding ideas are more likely to be released from your unconscious mind.

This is the deep meditative level that used to take people months of practice to attain. Albert Einstein claimed to have received his ideas in the hypnogogic state, and Mozart composeed music at this level.

For 25 years, Dick Sutphen has been experimenting with trance states, and in that time he has introduced many concepts now in general use by professional counselors and hynotists. "The Zapper" is his latest development designed to help you reach the hynogogic state faster than you ever thought possible.

Simply follow the instructions below and use "The Zapper" as you would while conducting self-hypnosis or meditation session.


Never use an altered-state program in a moving auto or while doing other things, because they will generate semi-sleep or dreamy state of mind.

To best explore "The Zapper" potentials:

1. Make yourself comfortable lying down or sitting up.
2. Assure that you won't be interrupted.
3. Take two or three minutes to unwind by breathing deeply.
4. Turn on the CD player, close your eyes and mentally imagine each part of your body relaxing, one part at a time, as you listen.
5. Count yourself down into a meditative state if you want, or simply drift on the sound.
6. Your body will feel relaxed, and you'll remain aware of your surroundings.
7. Use the time to explore on your own.
8. When you desire to awaken, verbally count yourself up from one to five and say the words, "wide awake." Note: If you should fall asleep, next time do the process sitting up when you're fully alert and energized, skip the deep breathing, and shorten your session time. You do no want to program your mind to fall asleep every time you listen to the CD.


Here are more ideas for using "The Zapper":

1. Quiet your mind and observe what is released from your unconscious.
2. Use the time to program what you want to accomplish by giving yourself positive suggestions and fantaizing your desires as a already accomplished fact.
3. Communicate with your Higher Mind or Spirit Guide with "thought language." Ask a question with a thought and then listen as another thought comes to you as the answer.
4. Work on creative projects, ideas, etc.
5. Explore psychic potentials with techniques such as telepathy, regression, remote viewing, etc.

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