Zen Liberation (MP3 )
74-Minute Course

Author: Dick Sutphen

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Product Description

Zen is neither a religion or philosophy, but a way of liberation -- a process of finding in self, opposed to ceremony or doctrine, the path to wisdom. Learn to develop "Detached Mind" -- a way of viewing life in which you stop reacting to negativity. Zen also teaches you to recognize and accept what cannot be changed and to rise above resistance out of intelligence, not repression.

A Bodhisattva is one who reaches the point of liberation, but chooses to remain upon the earth, helping others to attain enlightenment. In the first meditation you'll relate Bodhisattva traits to your own quest for enlightenment. You'll also learn "self-observation," a powerful detachment technique.

The Zen Attitude Meditation is to be used regularly as mind programming.

Suggestion examples:

- You develop detached mind and accept what is.
- You enter into what you do with nothing held back.
- You view problems as opportunities.
- You rise above expectations and attachments.
- Your mind is like calm water.
- You always consider all your options before acting
- You flow with life.
- You recognize strength in patience.
- Much more, including a post-programming technique to draw upon Zen awareness when confronted with conflicts.


Track 1 - How To Be Very, Very Zen
Track 2 - Altered-State Preparation
Track 3 - Bodhisattva Traits Meditation
Track 4 - Ten Zen Precepts & Six Paramitas
Track 5 - Zen-Attitude Meditation

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