Psychic Development (MP3 )
74-Minute Course

Author: Dick Sutphen

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Product Description

Rapidly Develop Psychic Ability!

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"Psychic Development" by Dick Sutphen includes ten powerful exercises plus two special meditations to test and program your mind.
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Dick Sutphen is "America's Foremost Psychic Researcher" according to Simon & Schuster Pocket Books. For over twenty years he has been teaching people how to be psychic in his workshops and seminars -- the most famous being the Sedona Psychic Seminar.

Dick claims everyone is naturally psychic, but few people have been shown how to perceive impressions, nor have they studied to develop their latent talents. Now, in just a few minutes, you can learn a set of exercises that will allow you to perfect psychic ability. Most of the exercises can be practice as you go about your day.

This course also includes two meditations sessions --

Psychic Meditation Session:

In a deep altered state of consciousness, you'll learn to induce self-hypnosis to use at any time all on your own to check out psychic potentials. Then Dick directs a psychic exercise in which you'll seek psychic answers that you'll later be able to verify.

Psychic Mind-Programming Mediation:

Powerful suggestions phrased for maximum acceptance by our subconscious mind. Plus a mantra technique and visualization are used to help you rapidly open psychically. Also, suggestions for your dreams to become a psychic channel.

Track 1:
How to Rapidly Develop Psychic Ability (includes the 10 primary exercises).

Track 2:
Psychic - Meditation Preparation

Track 3:
Psychic-Testing Meditation

Track 4:
Psychic Mind-Programming


Headphones will enhance your altered-state experience.

Never use an altered-state program in a moving auto or while doing other things, because each session is structured to generate a dreamy state of consciousness.

1. Make yourself comfortable lying down or sitting up.

2. Assure that you won't be interrupted.

3. Take two or three minutes to unwind by breathing deeply.

4. Turn on the CD player, close your eyes and follow Dick's instructions. Vividly imagine the situations he describes.

5. If for any reason you need to awaken before the session is complete, verbally count yourself up from one to five and say the words, "Wide awake."

Please do not have expectations of feeling "tranced out." Your body will feel relaxed, your mind may or may not feel dreamy, but you'll remain aware of your surroundings, and all the while you'll be mentally accepting any suggestions that are part of the program. The better you are able to imagine, the more effective the session will be.

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