Stop Losing Money Today (MP3 )
The Art and Science of Investing

Author: Georges Yared

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Product Description

In this program, you are going to learn the secrets to extraordinary investing from someone who has devoted his entire life to the subject. It's no mistake that the program is entitled "Stop Losing Money Today" because the vast major of investors don't know how to play the game of investing to win. Instead, they consistently lose their hard-earned money. This program is about using the market as a tool to create wealth and prosperity.

You'll learn the importance of eliminating emotions in investing and why you should not become emotionally attached to your investments.

You'll learn the importance of patience and how to develop true independent thinking.

While most people have no idea when to buy, when to sell, or when to buy more of an investment, George will uncover the clear and concise answers to these questions.

Investing success requires learning how to spot great companies and investment opportunities. This program will give you step-by-step guidelines to follow that will guarantee your success in picking the best companies.

While most people think they are investors, the truth of the matter is that they are speculators. You'll learn the important distinction between investing and speculating and how to become a world-class investor.

"Stop Losing Money Today" will help you develop an investing approach that fits you -- an approach that will bring you true financial independence for the long-term. So listen as George tells you a bit about his background in the world of investing and then get ready to learn how to "Stop Losing Money Today."


"I wish I had this book 20 years ago. Georges simplifies the so-called complex world of investing. This book is a winner!"
Dave Larue, President and CEO of Baldwin Supply Corp.

"This book is a pure guide to winning in the stock market. Georges' insights are profound."
Mitchell Bartlett, President of Money Management firm Talaria Partners.

"I was in charge of several funds invested in the US markets, representing several billion dollars. Georges was one of my most trusted advisors. This book is a must read."
Dr. Michael Mullaney, (retired) Head of North American Equities, Threadneedle Asset Management

"I have given this book to my 21 year old son. I want him to be ahead of the investment game with this book. Georges' advice is timeless."
Nancy Young, Producer, Martin Bastion Productions.

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